Deanna Mather LarsonWelcome to My Website

Dogs, Horses, Cats, Goats, Pigs and Llamas, oh my!

I’m Deanna Mather Larson, and I’m a professional writer. I also live in an antique farm house on a ranch in western Oregon. And I rescue animals. I love to write about animals. My magazine articles have been published in Cats & Kittens, Dog & Kennel, Family Motor Coaching, Gardening How-To, The Chronicle of the Horse, and many more. I’m also writing a book about my life and the abused and abandoned animals that find their way to my ranch and into my heart. Menagerie Ranch: the Miracles and Mayhem of Animal Rescue tells the tales of my first sixteen years taking in homeless animals. Over all these years and from all my critters I have received an advanced, full-impact, fast-paced education. When I’m not writing you’ll find me cleaning stalls, handing out buckets and bowls of food, grooming, visiting the vet, repairing fences, baling hay, trekking to the feed store (again), helping out animal rescue groups, tending my latest foster kittens, and generally managing the dogs, horses, cats, goats, pigs and llamas. My husband, Dave, pretty much takes care of himself.